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Summer at the beach 
Starting summer off with some iphonography :-)
getting really fond of iphonography :)))
Anonymous: What kinda camera do you use for all your pictures?

canon eos 60D :)

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Vancouver, Canada. 
Anonymous: What lens do you use for landscape? :)

18-200mm :) 

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Washington State 
this picture of me was taken by my best friend and brotographer Millicent Roach, please go check out her tumblr and give it a follow xx
Hawaiian bliss
Anonymous: what camera & lens do you use? what editing software? any special adjustments/settings you apply on the camera when taking portraits/nature? I'm trying to get hold of photography but am lost. Help!

I have the canon eos 60D, and i mainly use my 50mm 1.8 lens! i use photoshop cc to edit my pictures, aaand i only edit my pictures by fixing up any noticeable facial blemishes, and by adding some curves if needed. And i suggest you use the setting AV and then set it to portrait (if your camera has that function) cause it adds a really nice depth of field to your portraits, and for taking landscapes you can just set it to landscape! hope this helped x

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